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Broken laptop? We can help! We can fix what other companies can not. CompuMedik PC RePair never has to send out a laptop for repair. Our skilled technicians can fix all of the individual components of your system. Other companies will replace your entire motherboard for a simple broken port. Laptop repair will not be done onsite. We do offer free pick up and delivery.
Power Jacks
The power jack is where the charger plugs in to the laptop. This joint can become loose. When it does, it needs to be fixed ASAP. Without repair it can cause more damage and destroy your motherboard.

Please note:
There are few models on the market that use really high priced power jacks. These models are $180. We soon list the few models that fall into this category.

Panasonic Please add $30 as these laptops are quite complex and more time consuming to repair.

How do I know if I have a bad Power Jack?
Plug the charger in the laptop. Move the plug around a little. If this connection seams loose, you may need a power jack. If the battery charge light flashes on/off when you move the plug around you may need a new power jack.

How many times do I have to get this fixed?
Once, if you get it fixed by us. Replacing a power jack requires soldering the part to the motherboard. Many companies think they can do this but mess it up worse by trying to. CompuMedik has highly trained technicians who do it right the first time.

General Inspection
Use this service if you are experiancing problems with your system. This is our inspection. If you choose not to repair the problem because of cost or other issue then all you owe is this inspection fee. If you do repair the problem we waive the inspection fee!
Data Recovery
This option will need to be added if your old drive has failed to the point that the data can not be read. This option is not needed very often but we do offer this service. This is a super low rate compared to the competition.
Hard Drive
We use 80 gb 5400 rpm hard drives as standard equipment, how ever we can use larger and faster drive at your request for a slightly higher price
$95 - $199
Hard Drive Replacement or Upgrade
$30 labor + parts
Memory Upgrades
$25 labor + parts

Compumedik Pc Repair
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