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We can service any make, any model of computer. Our PC repair technicians are professionally trained to do the job right the first time. Maybe you are in the market for a new PC, call us first. Our custom built PCs are shockingly more affordable than a store bought unit. A custom built PC allows us to install only the software you need, and you will not have all the trial software so common with new computers to slow the system down.
Reload of your operating system
If your system is running slow or crashing constantly the problem may be in the software. After testing all hardware we can reinstall your operating system (Windows or Mac). You data is copied off to a storage machine, scanned for viruses, then we format your drive (removing everything), re-install your OS, install all drivers, security updates, and software. Then your data is copied back over to your machine. This leaves you with a machine that is better than new.
General Inspection
Use this service if you are experiancing problems with your system. This is our inspection. If you choose not to repair the problem because of cost or other issue then all you owe is this inspection fee. If you do repair the problem we waive the inspection fee!
Data Recovery
This option will need to be added if your old drive has failed to the point that the data can not be read. This option is not needed very often but we do offer this service. This is a super low rate compared to the competition.
File Backup or Copy
This is a one time visit to you location to copy data off of a dead system to another system or DVDs. You can also use this service as a backup. We can copy all of your files from one system, down or not, to another system or DVDs for backup purposes. This is not the same as the Data Recovery service.
Hard Drive Replacement or Upgrade
$25 labor + parts
We will replace your failing device and transfer any information that we may be able to retrieve from yoru drive and install it on your new drive.
Memory Upgrades
$25 labor + parts
Custom Built Computers
Pls Call

Compumedik Pc Repair
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