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Compu-Guard Protection Shield protects children from spam, viruses, inappropriate content and other e-mails using our award winning step by step system. We stop harmful e-mails before they reach your computer or more importantly your child!

Benefits Of Compu-Guard Protection Shield
bullet Safe e-mail for your children
bullet 100% spam & virus free
bullet Complete easy to use parental controls
bullet No software to install on your computer
bullet Works on all computers
bullet Secure SSL encrypted site
bullet No advertising

Step By Step

  1. E-mails get filtered through your parental controls. Additionally, you can secretly have a copy of every email sent or received by your child sent to your email address.
  2. Next is our spam filter that uses cutting-edge technology based on several spam detection systems including the award winning SpamAssassin™ filter.
  3. Then the e-mail goes through our blacklists which filters out spammers we have blocked globally for all users.
  4. Now is a virus check. Every email is scanned and if a virus is found, the email is blocked.
  5. The e-mail is then checked against the profanity filter and offensive words are replaced with ****
  6. Attachments that could be a potential risk are renamed so they can not do damage to your computer.
  7. Once the email has been processed through all six stages of Kids SafeGuard, it is finally delivered to your child's Inbox





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